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The Greenwich Old Timers Athletic Association was founded in 1960 by Joe and Jim Branca to encourage youth activities and sports, unite and continue the fellowship, good sportsmanship, and honor worthy old time athletes and others who were associated with sports in our community. Along with the promotion and support of youth sports programs, the centerpiece of the Branca Brothers’ vision was the college scholarship program.  The Old Timers have awarded college scholarships to 102 worthy young student-athletes from its inception through 2016.

The Greenwich Old Timers Athletic Association has established a longstanding tradition of volunteering and giving back to the community.

In summary, we have exceeded $1,400,000 in total contributions in support of youth athletic programs and student athletes.

At our Annual Awards Dinner, we have honored 235 local members of our community for their achievements, and 151 national sports luminaries.



For more information, please visit our website - http://greenwicholdtimers.org/ or contact:


Old Timers Athletic Association of Greenwich
PO Box 558
Greenwich, CT 06836