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At Pell Wealth Partners we believe that every individual can prosper in ways they never imagined possible. Prosperity can be defined as the state of flourishing, thriving and good fortune; however, we believe that though prosperity encompasses wealth, it also includes other factors such as happiness, health, and your lasting legacy. Prosperity is about much more than your finances, it's about creating sustainability in line with your personal goals and values for this generation and beyond. 


We believe that when done right, working with money should be a stress reducing process that allows you to feel the sense of peace and calm that comes along with knowing your finances are in order. We take pride in our ability to ask the right questions, listening closely to your answers to make sure you feel confident that the advice we provide best reflects your unique dreams and goals. It is our desire to be not only your advisor, but your advocate and to work with you throughout the various stages of your life to help you feel comfortable and confident every step along the way.


Talk to us one-on-one about how we can help put your dreams more within reach. Call us at 914.253.8800 to schedule a complimentary consultation or visit us at www.pellwealthpartners.com.


Pell Wealth Partners

A private wealth advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.

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