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Panthers Girls Hockey Association Required Uniform:*

Pants: Black Shells or Black Hockey Shorts

Gloves: Black or White/Black accent

Socks: Home/Away socks will be available for purchase (more info to come)

Jerseys: Practice jerseys will be provided; game jerseys to be purchased by each player's family (more info to come)

Helmet: M11 Panthers Helmet (black with purple venting insert)**

 Neckguards and mouth guards are mandatory at all levels.

*Full Hockey equipment is required for tryouts. A helmet with a face shield or cage is mandatory. Hockey socks or sweatpants should cover all shin pads.

** This helmet is designed for overall top of the line head safety and concussion prevention

Game Day Gear

Black Panthers warm up jacket and pants

click here to order gear



General Hockey Equipment Guidelines:

Please check your child's skates throughout the season and make sure that she has the best fit possible...not too big and not to small. Children's feet grow quickly and may require a bigger size at some point during the season. Skates that are too big can cause blisters and skaters that are too small can cause acute pressure injuries resulting from lack of space for the entire foot in the skate boot. 

Tie your child's skates somewhat tightly EXCEPT FOR THE LAST TWO EYELETS ON TOP. There must be some slack in the top two lace loops, otherwise ankle flexion can be restricted reducing turning ability and straightaway speed.

Remember to have your skates sharpened several times during the season as blades get dull and will eventually rust, especially when you don’t wipe them. ALL PLAYERS MUST USE SKATEGUARDS ON SKATES WHEN NOT IN USE (soft skate guards recommended to wipe then cover skate blade). 

For equipment questions, please contact panthersgirlshockey@gmail.com